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You’re Worth More than Divorce Would Have You Believe

I remember the sinking feeling that came with divorce. It was all so emotionally complicated. I was a pretty self-confident person and then suddenly I wasn’t.

How could I be worth anything if my spouse didn’t value me?

This is one of the landmines of divorce. If the one who promised to love you forever now abandons you, lies to you, is unfaithful, abuses you physically or emotionally, or neglects you, it’s easy to decide you must be worthless.


It’s a natural reaction, but it isn’t true. You’re worth more than that. Lots more.

When we let someone else’s behavior and words determine our sense of self, we give too much control to that person. We accept the fiery arrows of deceit. You don’t have to live that way!

Let your worth be in what God says about you. God made you unique and His Word says you are wonderfully made. Jesus felt like you were worth dying for. Embrace God’s thoughts about your worth and you will find a shield against the self-depreciating lies of divorce.

You will instead find a strong sense of who you are in Christ. Your whole attitude will be brightened and you will stop believing the lies of divorce.

You’re worth far more than that!

Be Encouraged!

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