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The Power of Moving From Prayer to Action

Divorce is an overwhelming and complicated experience. It highlights our need for help from a power greater than ourselves. Even when it is tempting to blame God, we know we need his help.

I believe faith in Christ plays a huge part in healing from divorce, as does the power of prayer. Ask God for guidance in healing from divorce but don’t stop there. Prayer is more than submitting requests; it is about a relationship with God.

Come full circle with your relationship with God. Don’t just talk, be quiet and listen. Seek to know God’s will for your life. As you come to sense his guidance, (and that may take time) it is essential that you take inspired actions on the divine messages you receive. Real changes in your life require action.

Change requires that you do things to move your life forward. If your life has been strained by divorce and you are ready to take action and make your life the joyful journey it can be, prayer is a wonderful way to tap into God’s grace.

Through prayer you can receive messages of hope and inspiration for healing, as well as guidance for acting on healing choices. God can guide you through many avenues. Through His guidance you may be inspired to:

  • Read books that can help you
  • Join faith-based support groups
  • Reach out to clergy or counselors

Not only can you heal from divorce, but you can also choose to thrive. God’s amazing grace can support you in your actions to heal heart, mind, and soul as you move through the trauma of divorce towards a new, joyful life.

The power of prayer and inspired actions can help move you to a place where your divorce no longer has an unsettling emotional influence in your life.  Seek the support and resources that will help you along the way.

Always remember that your recovery from divorce requires taking concrete actions rooted in faith.  Choose to heal. Pray for guidance. Act to make it happen!

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