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Choosing Healing Thoughts and Beliefs

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.  John 12:46 NIV

Divorce generally floods us with emotions which may leave us feeling so much hurt that our thoughts seem secondary.  Yet our brain is the very control center that helps us work through those emotions by processing our thoughts about and reactions to the emotions.   When this happens, re-thinking your thinking about your separation and divorce becomes really important.

Choosing In-the-Light Thoughts that relate to healing from divorce is empowering.  By getting specific about what thoughts are holding you back from  healing from divorce and intentionally working to shift those thoughts to In-the-Light Thoughts, you can enhance your ability to heal from divorce.  It’s a process that works.

Talking with God supports identifying In-the-Light Thoughts and claiming them.  Knowing God’s promises as stated in the Bible can help you to recognize thoughts consistent with the hope offered by Christ.  With practice, determination, and prayer, you can replace self-defeating thoughts.  Doing so can help you to make better choices and to feel better.

Thought patterns are ways of thinking that have developed into habits.  When Darkness Thoughts (those that bring you down and move you further from healing and further from God) become habits, they sabotage healing, growth, and peace.  Breaking that cycle requires claiming a new way of thinking.

My book Peace After Divorce walks you through the hurt toward healing by helping you to clarify your thoughts and think about the things of your divorce in healing ways. You can learn more here.

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