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When Faith Falls Prey to the Despair of Divorce

Carol found out her husband was involved with another woman. The affair crushed her to the core. When she confronted him. He said he wanted a divorce.

Carol’s marriage of 27 years collapsed around her. She struggled to make sense of it. She wept from her soul with a sense of total helplessness.

Despair left her unable to form the words to pray. God seemed so far away. She sunk deeper into desperation.

At times like these we need to borrow somebody else’s faith. That’s right, borrow faith.

The ability to borrow faith is one of the […]

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Healing Divorce Grief

Healing Divorce Grief

Grieving is a process God gives us to help us heal when something or someone we value is lost.”

I truly believe that. Without appropriate grieving we would be stuck in loss. Working through grief moves us forward.

Identifying grief and addressing it is critical; otherwise, grief may drag out for years. Once you realize that what you are feeling is grief, it can be easier to begin the path toward healing. Actively working through your grief is like giving a gift to yourself since doing so will help you to heal.

Working through Grief

Make a deliberate decision to deal with your divorce […]

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