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Nobody to Kiss: 5 Ways to Deal with Loneliness and Divorce

It shocked me how lonely I felt when it was New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have anyone to kiss, says Billy.

I too remember how hard it was to deal with all those events that reminded me that I no longer had a special someone in my life. Even when I felt like I was starting to heal, events like New Year’s Eve seemed to pick open my divorce wounds.

Being alone does not mean there is something wrong with you. Loneliness is a feeling that doesn’t have to be a way of life.

Consider these five ways to deal with loneliness […]

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Curing Loneliness of the Heart

[Today’s post is adapted from my book, Peace After Divorce.]

My heart was lonely, even when people were around,” said Fred reflecting on his separation and divorce.

Do you know that hollow feeling of heartfelt loneliness that can result from the loss of your marriage? How do you handle it?

Some people tend to isolate themselves. They spend their free time at home, avoiding social settings. They dwell on their losses and tell themselves negative things about life. They find it hard to accomplish anything. This can be normal for a while but unhealthy if you choose to live this way for […]

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Dating After Divorce: Gimme Some Lovin’

Dating After Divorce:  Gimme Some Lovin’

The title of the old song, Gimme Some Lovin’ seems to fit the feeling that often comes during separation and divorce.  Emptiness, loneliness, and a haunting question about whether or not we are still loveable can give us the strong urge to find love. I call it the “Empty Love Pot.”

If we can find someone to love us then we can fill the loneliness.  We can reassure ourselves that we are indeed still loveable.  We can be happy.

It’s a natural way to feel wouldn’t you agree?  We want to heal the loss by finding a replacement.  […]

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