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Here’s What People Say…

Peace After Divorce is very easy to offer. The ministry package provided us with everything we needed. It truly is effective in helping people heal from divorce and draw closer to Christ. I attended Peace After Divorce and now offer it at my church.

Rebecca RinkPeace After Divorce CoordinatorGrace United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC

I have gained so much from this ministry and I look forward to working with it in the future and I am praying for the video production and it being branched out to other churches. It is so exciting and a much needed ministry. Thank you both for all you have done and are doing. It is so evident how the Lord is using you both. May He bless you richly.

Laurel HoskinsPeace after Divorce CoordinatorSeacoast Church Summerville Campus (Non-denominational)

People who are hurting from divorce need immediate help. The Peace after Divorce Support Group & Workshop gives people substantive help in just 8 weeks. It is more poignant than other divorce ministries I’ve worked with. I believe in this ministry because I’ve watched as it helps people prayerfully take responsibility for their own healing. I also like that it is scripturally based.

Frances ChesnutPeace after Divorce CoordinatorChurch of the Holy Cross, (Episcopal) Daniel Island, SC

Other’s experiences made me feel that I wasn’t crazy, that I’m doing great for where I am right now.

This helped me know what to expect and what needs to be considered as I cope with divorce.

I felt like my eyes were opened. I had thought God would not let me into heaven.

I have been able to let go of some of the anger towards my ex and myself.

My kids tell me they are happy I’m coming to the workshop. They say I am happier.


I really felt the Holy Spirit at work on my soul all day yesterday. It was weird, I felt as though I had a transformation and I appreciate the opportunity this (workshop) group has given me to heal my own soul and help others as well!


The continued emphasis on the acceptance of divorced people as loved by God and not ‘damaged goods’ was something I needed to hear over and over. The biblical focus of the book and the weekly workshop sessions is wonderful.


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