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Shifting the Load

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 (NLT)

My arm and shoulder and even back were starting to ache from rolling my luggage to and through the Charlotte, NC Airport. When I stacked my carry-on luggage on top of my small roller bag suitcase it seemed like a good idea. It never occurred to me how much harder it would be to pull. Now the weight of the carry-on atop the extension arm of the suitcase was becoming quite annoying.

Walking ahead of me was a flight attendant. I noticed her smaller piece of luggage hung low on her suitcase rather than sitting atop against the extended handle as did mine. I decided to give her system a try and paused to reposition my load.

What a tremendous difference repositioning the load made to my burden! Suddenly I could pull with one finger what had been stressing my arm and shoulder to roll. I was delighted and amazed that even though the same load was there, it felt so much easier to bear.

Shifting the load made all the difference.

So often we load ourselves up and bear more burden than we need to carry. Our fears, anxieties, and worries weigh us down in a big way as we hold them close in our hearts and minds. As with my baggage, the solution is to shift the load.

Why carry more weight from life’s challenges than you must?

You cannot necessarily change the circumstances of your divorce but you can change how you deal with the stresses and uncertainties it creates.

When you trust God with your outcomes, you lighten your load tremendously. Knowing that He loves you and will lift your burdens is enormously freeing. Daily challenges don’t evaporate, but there is much peace of mind in knowing that ultimately all things work together for those who trust Him and do His will.

Shift the load.

Whatever your burden is today, consciously shift your load to The Lord. Hand it over now and experience the freedom of lifted weight. Trust in Him and find peace as you seek his guidance in working through healing from divorce.

Talk with God

Lord I have many things to deal with today. Life offers so many reasons to be worried, anxious, and afraid. Remind me daily that I can trust you to look out for me. Guide me as I cope with life on earth and reassure me that you are there for me. Reveal yourself to me as I shift my load to you. Replace my worry, fear, and anxiety with faith in you. Thank you! In Jesus’ name.

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