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Separation, Divorce and the Holidays–Free eBook

Just before Christmas several years ago I found out my first marriage was about to end. “Joy to the World” wasn’t exactly my first holiday sentiment. I was devastated.

Frankly, I did not want to be around happy people. My grief was too profound. Yet in the end, the timing turned out to be a blessing. The gathering of family and friends proved to be my soft place to land at a time I desperately needed comfort.

A Totally FREE Christmas Gift for Youholiday ebook cover

Separation and divorce change Christmas holiday traditions. If you have children, the changes can be even more profound for them. It’s normal to be concerned for seeing that your kids’ holiday is still merry. Then, there is the whole ordeal of dealing with your ex regarding visitation.

I’ve written a 17-page eBook/pdf designed to help you get through the holidays as smoothly as possible. It’s an easy-read with important points and reminder lists.  Best of all it is FREE for the asking!

You’ll find tips for:

  • Getting through the Christmas holidays yourself,
  • Dealing with your ex over the holidays, and
  • Making Christmas merry for your children.

It is my prayer that this FREE eBook/pdf helps you to survive the trials and even capture the joy of the season. I hope it equips you for the challenges and helps you have a soft place to land.

May the gift of the Christ child warm your heart and may the love of God lift your spirit. May God’s presence be more radiant in your life than any star in heaven.

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