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Renee takes God’s beautiful words and shows us how they apply to today. Your divorce will change who you are but this study will help you make sure it doesn’t define who you are. –Liz N., Peace after Divorce participant

I have two more classes left in the Peace after Divorce classes. This has been such an incredible help for me. The format of program, and the structure of the class seems to be a great formula. I like having the book to read and re-read at home, then the video to reinforce and expand, and then the discussion in class. The information is so on target with what I’m going through, I just can’t believe it. It’s so helpful to know that others have gone through all this, that they can guide me through this “valley” and be victorious on the other side. —Cheri Fernandes, Peace after Divorce participant

Peace after Divorce came to (started at) West Campus of Seacoast Church in 2008. And it has really been a very, very fruitful ministry. It has ministered to so many folks that have gone through the trauma of divorce and they have truly found peace.  You may be questioning whether Peace after Divorce would be a good workshop to bring to your church, I say absolutely, bring it. It has crossed denominational lines, it is absolutely based on God’s word. It is based on the fact that His truth will set you free. So, I just recommend it. You have teams that can be raised up to facilitate it. So, it is just really a great way of bringing this truth to people that there is life and peace after divorce. –Pastor Ron Hamilton, Seacoast Church West Campus, Charleston

…this program brings grace, hope and peace into the divorce experience. The people who attended the group found it to be very helpful. Thank you, thank you for your witness to God’s love! —Pastor Pamela Schroeder, Pastor for Care and Community, Ankeny, Iowa