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Get Support for Healing from Divorce 

Help for the Divorced and the Divorcing

When you’re hurting and want to find your way past the pain of divorce you need support.  But, you need even more than that.  You need practical guidance and spiritual nourishment designed to enrich your ability to cope with your life now, move past the pain of divorce, and discover a brighter future.

You need the Peace after Divorce Workshop.

Why an Online Divorce Recovery Workshop?

The online self-study version of the Peace after Divorce Workshop is perfect for those who are not able to make it to an in-person Peace after Divorce group or who simply prefer the privacy of learning in their own home.  It’s also great if you need the convenience of watching the videos and reading the book at your own pace rather than on a predetermined schedule. And, if you have children at home, there’s no need to get a baby sitter.  The workshop also offers a further growing opportunity for those who have already attended an in-person divorce support group or counseling.

Here’s What Participants Say…

I had been in denial for a long time. This class was really my first attempt of really dealing with the healing process of my divorce.  This class became the key that unlocked the door for me.  It touched on every aspect that I had experienced in my divorce.”  –Carolyn D.

Peace after Divorce Workshop gave me a lot of food for thought.  It was very informative and showed me how to handle this.  I never thought of a lot of the things that were talked about.  It was very encouraging.”  –Sharon G.

From feeling like a storm victim during my divorce, I became a beloved child of God on the way to a victorious future.  — Charles H.

It’s hard to know where to turn to for help given the tremendous change that divorce brings to our lives.  This ministry offers needed guidance for adapting to that change.  –Dave H.

The continued emphasis on the acceptance of divorced people as loved by God and not ‘damaged goods’ was something I needed to hear over and over.  Becky D.


Joining the Peace after Divorce Workshop Online gives you access to 9 session videos as well as note taking sheets.    Compared to the cost of divorce life coaching or personal counseling, the Peace after Divorce Workshop Online access fee of $69 total is amazingly affordable.

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