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Moving Past the Paralysis of Divorce

I’m totally humbled by the story that Sandra shared about her experiences.  I remember feeling paralyzed too. Here is what she says…

I definitely benefited from the Peace After Divorce Workshop and Divorce Support Group. Before attending the workshop I felt paralyzed – like I could not move forward – like I was in quicksand. After reading the first chapter of the book, Peace After Divorce,  I had to face the reality of my situation. I was in the middle of a divorce.

This was very hard for me to swallow – especially since I did not want a divorce. Your book states (and I believe it) that you cannot begin the healing process until you face your reality. The second chapter discussed the free will that God has given to each of us. The divorce is coming about because of choices that my husband has made. I cannot change them – nor can I change him.

I cannot make him want to go to counseling or work to save the marriage or love me or come back to me. Once I wrapped my head around this truth, I no longer dwell on thinking that I could have in some way made the situation different. I understand that we are in this position because we each have free will to do and live and make choices that affect other people. I can only be responsible for my choices and how I allow his choices to affect me.

I am doing much better after attending the workshop. I know that this is due to a combination of the Peace After Divorce group and book, my counseling sessions with my wonderful Christian counselor, the prayers of family and friends, and ultimately the power and grace of God. I am so very thankful to Renee Ettline and Fred Ettline for seeing a need and for writing the divorce recovery book, Peace After Divorce,  to help me and others on this sad journey through divorce.

Sandra Durham

Sandra thank you for sharing! 

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