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Hurting from Divorce: Does the Pain Ever Go Away?

Gut-wrenching, devastating, sickening–such are the words that describe divorce.  Anger, fear, rejection, disappointment, confusion and loneliness can be so overwhelming that you wonder if they will ever go away.  The heart hopes for healing but questions whether a wound so deep can ever heal.

What Can You Do to Make the Pain Go Away?

Marriage intertwines two lives which makes it understandably difficult to unravel. This is especially true if you still want your marriage to work.  But, are there things you can do to make the pain go away?

I say YES!  I can tell you this as a living testimony.

I’ve been through divorce and now divorce no longer has emotional power in my life. Healing the pain is a gradual growth process. Scars may remain but you do not have to live with a painful open wound forever.

Yet, it takes more than just time to move past the pain.

Recovering from separation and divorce is a decision, a process, and a journey of faith.

The exact process depends on your unique situation.  Moving past the pain of divorce includes:

  • Making choices to adapt positively to the realities of your situation
  • Finding empowerment to heal
  • Actively pursuing a positive new direction for your life.

Get Past the Pain and Live Again…

Working through the pain of divorce with guidance rather than floundering on your own can make all the difference. A good map that lets you personalize your route helps with any journey.  Peace after Divorce is a faith-based, inspiring and easy-to-read guidebook that walks you through a personal journey of healing in one short reading a day.

Get Christian encouragement and practical tips that help you be at peace with yourself and move on with your life.

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Peace after Divorce Has Been Recognized as an Exemplary Christian Self-Help Book by the Illumination Book Awards.

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

John 12:46 NIV

About the Author

Renee Smith Ettline is Founder of After Divorce Ministries, LLC and author of the book Peace after Divorce as well as the Peace after Divorce group curriculum for churches.  She is a retired counselor and educator as well as writer.  Renee is also sponsor and administrator of the online Separation & Divorce Christian Community on Facebook.

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