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Divorce Frustration and Pain? Let It All Out on Paper

If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

46651062_sKeeping the stresses of separation and divorce pent up inside yourself slows your healing. In fact, there are people who spend their lives as the walking wounded because they never fully process the events and emotions of their divorce. That doesn’t have to happen to you.

The Winston Churchill quote above highlights the importance of not stopping when you’re going through hell. You really want to get to the other side and come out okay. One way you can help yourself work through your divorce is to journal.

Hey now, don’t bounce away from this post until you hear me out.

It doesn’t matter if writing was never your strong suit. No problem if grammar rules left your head spinning. Journaling your divorce is not really about writing, it is about processing and healing.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Journaling is private so keep yours in a safe place.
  • How you approach journaling is up to you. Some people like to hand write, some like to write journals on the computer. You can get a fancy blank page book for journaling or use a basic spiral notebook from the dollar store. Do have one notebook or journal dedicated to processing your divorce.
  • Journal regularly, every day if possible. Find a quiet time.
  • Date your journal entries. Doing this allows you to look back and realize how far you’ve grown.
  • Write from your heart. Your old English teacher isn’t going to grade your journal so just get your thoughts down.
  • Let journaling be a relaxing experience. Let the stress in your body flow out onto the paper.
  • Write about the ups and the downs of your day. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself and answer in your journal:
    • What happened today? How do I feel about it?
    • What are my emotions today?
    • What are my thoughts today?
    • Are those thoughts helping me to let go of the past and heal?
    • What did I learn today?
    • How do I see God moving in my life?
    • What do I need to do today or tomorrow to help myself let go of the past and heal?
  • After writing an entry, reflect on what you just wrote then talk with God about it.

If you make keeping a journal a habit you will be surprised how much it helps. Unloading your thoughts into a journal helps to lessen the load you carry inside. It is a great strategy to help you to process what is happening in your life so that you can move past the pain and avoid becoming one of the walking wounded.

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