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How to Find Unfailing Love

What a man desires is unfailing love…
Proverbs 19:22 NIV

I think unfailing love is when someone…

  • Accepts you as you are and encourages you to grow to be your best self
  • Never gives up on you
  • Loves you unconditionally
  • Is always there for you forever and ever
  • Believes in you and celebrates life with you
  • Offers you grace and forgiveness when you fall short of their expectations.

After divorce, the love described above may seem like a mirage. Yet as humans we hunger for unfailing love. It is a part of our design.

Unfortunately, divorce leaves us vulnerable to meeting that need in unhealthy ways. The desire for love can motivate us to jump into dating too quickly before sufficiently healing from divorce or to become involved with people who are not good for us. Or even to compromise our standards.

How Do We Find Unfailing Love?

We look in the right place.

Fulfilling the desire of human love will be much more within reach if you first allow the perfect and unfailing love of God to heal and empower you.”

From the book, Peace After Divorce

God loves you with an unfailing love.

Only God himself can truly fulfill your desire for perfect and unfailing love. If you look to another human for perfect love you will always be disappointed. Furthermore, you will put an undue strain on your human relationship.

Another human simply cannot do for you what only God can do. Don’t get me wrong, human love can be an awesome blessing from God. Yet, unfailing perfect love…the kind that truly makes you whole, comes only from God.

How About You?

  1. Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?
  2. Is your neediness affecting your ability to make good judgment calls in a dating relationship?
  3. Are you seeking a healing relationship with God? Are you accepting God’s unfailing love?
  4. Are you seeking God’s will in your love life?

Talk with God

Lord, only you can make me whole. Help me to develop a healing love relationship with you. Help me to understand how to give and receive human love in a healthy way when the time is right. I choose to seek you. Guide me along the way as only you can do. Thank you for giving me your unfailing love. Help me to receive this gift from you.

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