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How Long Does it Take to Heal from Divorce?

I’d like to know when the pain will end,” said Sean. “How long does it take to heal from divorce?”

Good question.

It would be grand to say, “Oh just ride it out for 6 months and you’ll feel fine.” It’s not nearly that simple.

The good news is…you can heal from divorce.

How long your journey will be depends a lot on you. Perhaps these four questions will help.

  1. Are you actively seeking to learn how to cope with and heal from divorce?
  2. Are you building a support network for healing from divorce?
  3. Do you have a “make-it-happen” mentality?
  4. Are you willing to work through the pain to come out on the other side?

Let Me Elaborate…

Seek information — Learn strategies that help you to cope with and heal from divorce. Strategies exist that can help you to:

  • Adjust to singleness
  • Heal from loss
  • Become less fearful
  • Cope with your ex
  • Redirect your own thinking
  • Help children cope with divorce
  • Find healthier relationships.

Whether it be counseling, books, articles or blogs, seek out resources that teach you helpful strategies you can implement.

Build a support network — Attend a divorce recovery support group or class. Spend time with positive people who have successfully recovered from divorce. Get your strongest moral support by talking with God constantly.

Choose a “make-it-happen” mentality — You will never heal from divorce if you don’t take charge of your own life. This means shifting your focus from blaming others for your circumstances to focusing on what you can control. Prayerfully set goals for yourself. You can do it!

Work through the pain — Don’t try to brush your thoughts and feelings under the rug. Face them and find constructive ways to work through them. If you deny them they will resurface. Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I say, it’s the only way to come out on the other side.

It Takes Time but You Can Do It!

Choose strategies that help you heal and stop the pain of divorce. You don’t want to wallow in divorce forever. You can heal from divorce.

Talk with God about what you have just read and how it applies to your life. Ask him what you need to do to achieve healing from divorce.

Christian Inspiration:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…   Ecclesiastes 3:1

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