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Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce (parenting)

Having your marriage fail is hard in so many ways it can be overwhelming.  You have a lot to deal with emotionally, spiritually, and logistically.   And, if you have children my guess is that you are also worried about how they will be, or have been, affected.

No wonder.  You know that kids are always the victims of divorce.  Divorce happens whether they like it or not.  It changes their lives.

Yet, there are many things you can do to help your children cope with divorce.

I want to share a post with you from a blog called Thoughts in Progress.  There Mason Canyon covers my eBook, Children Coping with Your Divorce?: What Parents Can Do to Help.  This eBook is a concise short read and I think you may find immensely helpful.  You can click on the book image in this post for order information.

What you do matters.  Give it your best.

God bless you and your children.







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