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Helping Children Cope with Divorce: Putting the “Merry” in Christmas

Kids have a great capacity for joy. Kids also need security and routine. The changes of separation or divorce may leave kids conflicted about whether it is okay to be joyful at Christmas. Their sense of security may be rattled by the unknown as familiar traditions are necessarily impacted by separation and divorce.

Yet children are amazingly resilient. With a little help from you your kids can still find joy in Christmas. Here are three things to help you help put the “Merry” in your children’s Christmas after separation or divorce.

1. KEEP SOME TRADITIONS AND REPLACE OTHERS. Changes in traditions and routines will happen by necessity of your divorce. Yet if you can, keep traditions that the kids love (provided you are comfortable with them) since those traditions will help to add stability to the kids’ holiday. Let new traditions evolve to replace traditions that must change, but don’t force new traditions. They will come in time.

2. MODEL CHRISTMAS JOY FOR YOUR CHILDREN. If Christmas is stressful for you, remember, the kids might get a double dipping of stress if they will be in your home and that of their other parent. You may not be able to guarantee that they will get a double dipping of joy but you can at least set the tone for Christmas in your own home. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Make sure your children are taught the significance of this. God loves you and sent baby Jesus to tell you so.

3. HELP KIDS TO CAPTURE THE SPIRIT OF THE SEASON – Find ways to involve your children in helping others during the holidays. Bake cookies for a shut in, shop together for a child in need. Make homemade cards for family and friends. Go to Christmas light shows or whatever gets you all in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas to you as you are parenting through the holidays. May the gift of the Christ child warm your heart and may the love of God lift your spirit. May God’s presence be more radiant in your life than any star in heaven.

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Christian Thought
“For God so loved the world that he sent his only son that whosoever
believes in him shall have life eternal.”
John 3:16.

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