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Healing from Divorce: No Guts, No Glory

Really, healing from divorce takes guts.  I never thought about it that way until looking at the name of the company that built our new website which is in fact, No Guts, No Glory.

Guts.  It takes guts to pick up the pieces of your life and move forward.  It takes guts to work through the emotions rather than stuffing them inside.  It takes guts to decide you will not let your divorce define who you are.  It takes guts to deal with your ex in a way that does not have negative spin-off on you or your children.  And it takes guts to be determined to build a positive new life.

But when you are feeling weak and broken, how do you muster guts?  Sometimes you have to reach deep inside.  Having guts is not an emotion. Having guts is a choice.

It is a choice to get help even when you want to stay private.  It’s a choice to read about and understand the ins and outs of divorce recovery.  It’s a choice to act on what you learn.  It’s a choice to move forward one step at a time even when you have to take one step backwards to go two steps forward.

Having guts to heal from divorce is the opposite of wallowing in divorce.  We have to make the choice to have guts, but it takes strength to really have guts.  Divorce can make it hard to find that strength.  So what do you do?

Write yourself a list of supportive statements.

Here’s an example:
• I will do whatever it takes to recover from divorce.
• I will learn strategies for healing from divorce.
• I will act in ways that lead to healing.
• I will believe in myself.
• I can have a better life.
• I am worthy.
• I can heal from divorce.
• God will help me every minute, every day if I just ask.

When you are feeling like you need to muster your guts to heal from divorce, pull out your list and act on your list.  And, yes, healing from divorce requires empowerment from outside ourselves.  We need God in a big way.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of having guts?  Get started today by making your personal list.

Christian Thought:

Be strong in the Lord and his mighty power. Ephesians 6:10 NIV

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Have guts for healing from divorce?

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