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Finding Power to Heal from Divorce

Yesterday we had a bad storm and lost power.  As the sun settled in the sky and the room darkened I realized just how very dependent on electricity I am.  The pizza I had just prepared was quickly placed in the oven in the hopes that the oven would stay hot enough to cook it.  I had work to do but my laptop battery was fading quickly. There was no Internet anyway.  I shut down my phone so its battery would still have some life if I really needed it.  Without power, I was left in the dark trying to figure out what to do next.

Divorce can be like.

With divorce, you can feel lost and powerless.  You don’t know when or even whether you’ll get your power back.  And, you are left not being sure how to proceed.  It’s a helpless feeling.

As much as it feels like it, you’re not powerless.

You have the power to move past the pain. You have the power to shift your thoughts from the past to the present and future.  You have the power to choose actions that support a positive life.  Better yet, you can call on God to support you through this journey for therein is your true power.

How do you do it?  How do you take steps to heal from divorce?

Healing from divorce is a decision, a process, and a journey of faith.

I can’t begin to walk you through all that in one blog post.  I can refer you to my blog archives for a lot of articles and that can be a good start,

But, here’s the deal…

I know that moving past my own divorce took focused intent, a mindset shift, action steps, and faith.  So, I feel like the best way I can help you is to offer you a well thought out, Christian faith-based journey that encourages you, strengthens your faith, and gives you real-life strategies for moving past the pain of divorce.

With the Peace after Divorce Workshop online self-study you can learn in the privacy of your own home.  But don’t worry, you won’t be isolated.   In addition to the video messages you will have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can discuss what you’re learning and share your concerns with like-minded people. It’s a great opportunity!

Peace after Divorce has proven effective in churches for several years.  Now is the first time it has been available to you online so you don’t have to be near a church group to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Choice is Yours…

Are you ready to move past the pain of divorce?  

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