“Peace after Divorce” Support Groups

Take Life-affirming Actions and Move Beyond the Pain of Divorce

Christian Peer Support Groups and Educational Workshops

Our Peace After Divorce Support Groups & Workshops are positive, dynamic educational programs intended for people who are ready to take inspired actions to move beyond the emotional impact of divorce.

Peace After Divorce groups are open to those who are divorced, separated or currently going through divorce.

You’ll receive spiritual peer-level encouragement from others going through experiences similar to yours. In addition, you’ll be introduced to practical action-oriented strategies that facilitate divorce recovery to get your life moving in a new, positive direction.

  • Support – Participate in topic-focused discussions with a divorce peer group with whom you can share common experiences.
  • Growth – Maximize your healing by personalizing your journey while working through our book.
  • Strength – Tap into God’s grace, love, forgiveness and healing in a real and empowering way.

Workshop topics covered mirror those so richly detailed in our easy-to-follow book, Peace After Divorce: Choosing Concrete Actions Rooted in Faith.

Much more than just “talky” support meetings, Peace After Divorce Support Groups & Workshops will get you on your feet and taking affirmative actions that move you towards the joyful life you are meant to live.

Note: Couples who are divorced, divorcing or dating one another may not attend together.

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