Divorce Hurts–Turning Ashes into Beauty

Divorce Hurts

The pain of having your marriage end is like none other.  The death of your marriage is a source of grief but the person you were married to is still alive.  Your marital relationship is over but if your have children, your relationship with the person is not over–it is redefined.

It’s complicated.

Yes, the pain is like none other.  The pain is especially deep if you tried and tried to keep your marriage alive but your spouse didn’t.  Nobody should have to experience the pain of divorce.

There’s Hope!

Nobody wants to hurt.  Yet, in your pain you are open for something very beautiful, God’s grace.

God’s grace forgives us when we fall short.  God’s grace lifts us when we fall down. God’s grace takes the shattered pieces of our lives and makes something beautiful.

God loves you.  Turn your thoughts and heart to the glory of a redemptive God. In Christ all things are made new.

You are being made new.  Look for it, listen for it, the Holy Spirit is wrapping you in the love of Christ. Embrace this truth and praise God.

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About the Author

Renee Ettline, M.Ed., is a Christian and a life skills counselor who has been through separation and divorce.  She knows what it is like to feel the heartbreak and devastating pain.  She knows that you can learn to cope and that healing is possible.  Renee is founder of After Divorce Ministries, LLC and author of the award-winning book Peace after Divorce.

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