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Divorce and the Scriptures

  • Will God hate me if I get a divorce?  My wife is abusive.
  • My husband left me and hasn’t filed for divorce. I’m left hanging. Will God be mad at me if I’m the one who files for the divorce?
  • Does God require me to stay with my husband even though he has a girlfriend he sleeps with?
  • I’m divorced.  Does that keep God from loving me as much?

I hear such questions from Christians who have been faithful to their marriages.  They are crushed by the behavior of their spouses.  They’ve done everything they know to save their marriages. They are worried about staying true to God.

In an effort to shed light on divorce and the Scriptures I’ve compiled some research into a six-page document.  It isn’t an exhaustive study on the topic but it will give you some food for thought and hopefully some accurate insights.  Pulling it all together, and refining it to its essence, we return to the most important of concepts–God loves us and wants what is best for us.

Here are My Conclusions

The Scriptures make strong points about marriage and divorce…

  • Marriage is intended to be a life-long contract.
  • Divorce is definitely to be avoided and yet, is at times unavoidable.
  • Divorce should be due to neglect, marital unfaithfulness, or abandonment and should be a last resort.
  • God concedes that divorce will sometimes happen and at times is acceptable even though it is not His intention for marriage.

The Scriptures also makes strong statements about God…

  • God hates divorce but he loves his children. He is close to the brokenhearted.
  • God loves each of us enough to have sent his only Son to die for our sins.
  • God is forgiving if we ask.
  • God wants us to have an abundant life in Him.

Click the following link to read the complete six-page summary of

“A Look at the Scriptures Related to Divorce”

May God guide you as you prayerfully work through this important issue as it relates to your marriage and life.

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