Christians and Divorce

You know God means for marriage to last forever.  You know your marriage has fallen short of God’s perfect plan. Yet, here you are looking your own divorce square in the face. It’s a gut wrenching experience. Worse yet, you may be getting grief from fellow Christians who don’t understand what you’re going through at all.

Here are three things I want to be sure you know:

  • God still loves you!
  • Your identity is in Christ not your marital status.
  • God still offers you salvation and hope.

Building your relationship with God is fundamental to taking charge of your life again. Choosing to seek God and yield to him will empower you to heal. You won’t be trying to do it on your own strength.

Talk with God about what you’re dealing with.  Lean into Him and you will get through this and find the victorious life he has planned for you.

God bless you!

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