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Can My Marriage Be Saved?

Good question and one you need to ask. The decision to end a marriage should never be taken lightly or made hastily. There are many ramifications, not the least of which is a broken heart.

For me one of the deep pains of my divorce was knowing that God intends for marriage to be a life-time covenant but mine didn’t make it.”

This ministry in no way advocates divorce. However divorce is a reality in our society. It is our intent to help those whose lives are, as mine was, touched by its unsettling effects.

How Can I Know if My Marriage is Over?

This is a question to discuss with God, a counselor, your spouse, and yourself.

It Takes Two People to Make a Marriage. Developing your marriage to be what God means for it to be requires both partners prayerfully working together, even against the odds.  It takes prayer, time, work and intent. A realistic look at how your spouse is exercising free will over time can help you assess the reality of your situation.

I believe God will give you and your spouse the wisdom and strength needed to handle the challenges of saving a troubled marriage if you both ask. Give it your best effort. I pray your spouse will be willing and even eager to do the same.

It Only Takes One to End a Marriage. If your marriage ends in divorce, seek God and hold tight to his promise of a future and a hope. I know that God will guard over you and give you the wisdom and strength to work through the pain and heal.

Your marriage may have ended but God’s love for you prevails.”

If Divorce is Your Reality

Divorce can be a very difficult thing to accept when you’ve been committed to your marriage and your spouse has not. It can cause gut-wrenching pain. It can turn your life upside down.

Yet, if divorce is your reality, then accepting that reality opens the door to getting your life together.”

Wherever you are in the process, know that God is with you. He feels your pain and has your best interest at heart. Walk with him and he will make level paths for your feet. He is close to the brokenhearted. He will lift you up in due time.

You Can Heal

You can heal from divorce. You can move to a brighter future but don’t try to go it alone. Rely on God, find a support group, and seek the guidance of educational material to help you through the healing process.

You can heal and we are here to support, inspire and guide you on your journey.

Christian Inspiration:

“Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.” Proverbs 4:25-26 NIV

Renee Smith Ettline is author of the award-winning book, Peace after Divorce recognized by the Illumination Book Awards as an exemplary Christian self-help/recovery book. It can change your life.

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