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What We Believe about Divorce

We’d love to equip your church to offer a life-changing grace-filled divorce recovery group ministry.  We believe the church can make a positive difference in the lives of those who are coping with divorce and seeking life after divorce. But, theologically, is the Peace after Divorce Workshop divorce support group curriculum a good fit for your church? Perhaps, this will help you decide.

  • We believe that divorce is not a part of God’s plan. We believe that divorce should never be taken lightly and that both partners have a responsibility to work together to create a loving and mutually respectful relationship within the marriage covenant.
  • We also acknowledge that there are circumstances where divorce does become reality. We understand that this creates a moral conflict that can be very painful to those who have been intent on saving their marriages and who worry about letting God down even when the demise of the marriage is not of their choosing.
  • When it comes to Christian divorce, we realize that good God-fearing people are often abandoned, abused, or the victim of infidelity and that these things can lead to divorce. It’s also true that faithful Christians can find themselves in situations where the unrepentant behavior of their spouses makes their marriages so intolerable, that no matter how much they try to save their marriages, they still end up divorced. Many of these people desperately want their marriages to be healthy and find it hard to accept when divorce happens. Divorce uproots families, causes pain and confusion, and wounds the soul. We believe that is why God hates divorce.
  • While God hates divorce, we believe God does not hate divorced people. The love of God is always redemptive.
  • We also believe that divorce can either turn people away from or toward God and, we believe that a nurturing, grace-filled ministry focused on healing from divorce can impact that choice in a positive way.
  • We believe God offers all his children an invitation to walk in the light of his love. We believe God is close to the brokenhearted. We know that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing.
  • We believe that God is the great counselor and healer. Peace after Divorce group content provides food for thought and encourages each person to process that content with God through prayer.
  • We believe in redemption of the human soul. The Peace after Divorce Workshop is not only a care ministry, it is also a faith-based healing ministry. We do not place judgement or condemnation on people because of divorce. They are hurting enough. Instead, we offer a grace-filled approach that is rooted in the love, compassion, and redeeming power of Christ.

If this represents a good fit for your church we invite you to click a link below to learn more about offering the Peace after Divorce group ministry.

Peace after Divorce — Bringing Grace, Hope, and Peace to the Divorce Experience

Thank you so much for creating Peace after Divorce. We just finished our first series last night. Myself and the co-facilitators found that this program brings grace, hope and peace into the divorce experience. “Peace after Divorce” fits so well with the values and beliefs of our congregation. The people who attended the group found it to be very helpful. Thank you, thank you for your witness to God’s love!” –Pastor Pamela Schroeder, Pastor for Care and Community, Ankeny, Iowa

The people that I send to Peace after Divorce gain incredible relief from sharing and talking with peers that have experienced similar situations and they gain such a true sense of healing and understanding that God’s peace reigns, despite any circumstance! The Peace after Divorce Workshop is a valuable tool that I believe can be introduced into any church where there’s a desire to minister to hurting people that are looking for healing on the other side of a marriage. –Pastor Mac Mood, Seacoast Church West Ashley Assistant Campus Pastor

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

John 12:46 NIV