About the Peace after Divorce Group Curriculum for Churches

Thank you so much for creating Peace after Divorce. We just finished our first series last night. Myself and the co-facilitators found that this program brings grace, hope and peace into the divorce experience. “Peace After Divorce” fits so well with the values and beliefs of our congregation. The people who attended the group found it to be very helpful. Thank you, thank you for your witness to God’s love!” —Pastor Pamela Schroeder, Pastor for Care and Community, Ankeny, Iowa

The Peace after Divorce Group Curriculum Incorporates:

  • Effective Cohesive Content that Systematically Guides Personal Awareness and Healing
  • Scriptures, prayer, and other Christ-Centered inspiration that Enhance Spiritual Growth
  • Expert Information about the Process of Healing from Divorce
  • Ample Time Built in for Group Discussions and peer support

Proven Effective

I have two more classes left in the Peace after Divorce classes. This has been such an incredible help for me. The format of program, and the structure of the class seems to be a great formula. I like having the book to read and re-read at home, then the video to reinforce and expand, and then the timed discussion in class. The information is so on target with what I’m going through, I just can’t believe it. It’s so helpful to know that others have gone through all this, that they can guide me through this “valley” and be victorious on the other side.”  —Cheri Fernandes, participant, South Carolina

Peace after Divorce works in helping people move through and beyond the devastating impact of divorce while also building a closer relationship with God.

  • If you haven’t yet seen our testimony videos you can click here now to jump over and takeillumination_bronze_HI a look.  Both participants and pastors speak to the effectiveness of the curriculum.
  • You’ll also want to know that the participant book, Peace after Divorce: Choosing Concrete Actions Rooted in Faith  has been recognized as an exemplary Christian book by the Illumination Book Awards.

The Peace after Divorce Group Curriculum is Easy-to-Offer

The Peace after Divorce Ministry Launch Kit includes a 30-minute leader training DVD. In addition, new group leaders can download a free leader’s guide from our “Start a Group” page. Leaders do not need to be authorities in divorce recovery but instead serve the role of group discussion facilitators. The group may be facilitated by one person or a team of people. It’s great if you can find a leader or leaders who knows firsthand what it is like to move to a healthy place after divorce.

Eight session DVDs add content and set up group discussions. Discussion times are built right into the DVD content. We even help with promotion of your group by including a 30-second participant testimonial DVD  for your use. Brochures and small posters are provided on disk for your customization along with other helpful documents.  See a list of kit contents here.


Keeping Peace after Divorce affordable is important to our mission of discipleship.  (Compare to other brand kits at $340 and up.)  Churches generally charge for the books or charge a nominal fee for the group to recoup the initial investment.

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Please contact us if you have questions about starting a Peace after Divorce group at your church.