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How to Start a Peace after Divorce Support Group at Your Church (a Christian divorce support and recovery group)

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We Offer A Grace-Filled Approach to Christian Divorce Support Groups that Helps Your Church Minister to those who are Coping with Divorce or Dealing with Life after Divorce

Thank you for exploring the possibility of offering a Peace after Divorce Workshop ministry at your church. That’s awesome. It says to me that you’re aware of the enormous pain endured by many who are dealing with the immediacy of divorce, as well as those who  still carry the wounds years later. It also suggests to me that you know the healing power of God.

But, how do you share God’s love and redemptive power in a manner that offers real tools for working through the difficult heart and soul issues of divorce recovery in a positive life-changing way?

Well, that’s where the Peace after Divorce Workshop group study comes into play.

Here are 6 reasons you’ll love the Peace after Divorce Workshop:

  • Unlike drop-in support groups, Peace after Divorce is a cohesive study that builds from session to session making lasting personal and spiritual growth more possible.
  • Group materials offer substantive divorce recovery content that is under girded with Scriptures and reminders of God’s love, mercy, and grace.
  • Participants are walked through a journey that supports introspection, prayer, and action.
  • Content and questions in the participant book support healing and prepare individuals for group sessions.
  • Videos are reasonable in length (about 20-minutes each session). They cover valuable content while still allowing plenty of time for group discussion.
  • Peace after Divorce is grace-filled and never condemning. We want people to know that they are still loved by and valuable to God.

And, in case you’re wondering…

The Peace after Divorce Workshop is easy to offer. Sessions are downloadable giving immediate access once you place your order. The leader handbook includes complete directions, discussion questions, and activities as well as other helpful documents.

You can also download promotional videos to use in your church as you promote your Peace after Divorce group ministry. The number of participant books automatically drop shipped to you is determined by the package your church chooses but additional books can be ordered through our website at any time.  We recommend you schedule each of the eight sessions for one and a half hours. There’s also a bonus video on helping children cope with divorce. It can be used to create a ninth session if desired.

Take a few minute now and watch the videos below for some real-life testimonies.  They’ll let you know why it’s a good idea to start a Peace after Divorce Workshop ministry at your church.

You can also click on over to our course site for More Information about the nature of group sessions and about package prices.

If you have questions, you can reach me here.

In Christ,
Renee Smith Ettline
Creator of The Peace after Divorce Workshop
Founder of After Divorce Ministries, LLC

Peace after Divorce offers a Unique, Christian Divorce Support Group and Learning

Experience That:

  • Inspires positive decision making and deliberate choices rooted in scripture, faith, and prayer.
  • Empowers learners through a guided step-by-step process that deals with the realities of divorce in a practical Christian faith-based way.
  • Nurtures a deep life-giving relationship with Christ and instills a purposeful walk towards strength, forgiveness, healing, and peace.

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