Start a Peace After Divorce Ministry at Your Church

What’s Special about the Peace after Divorce Ministry?

Healing from divorce requires more than just a caring environment. Healing from divorce is a decision, a process, and a journey of faith.

Peace after Divorce offers a unique, faith-based learning experience that:

      • Inspires positive decision making and deliberate choices rooted in scripture, faith, and prayer.
      • Empowers learners through a guided step-by-step process that deals with the realities of divorce in a practical Christian faith-based way.
      • Nurtures a deep life-giving relationship with Christ and instills a purposeful walk towards strength, forgiveness, healing, and peace.

    This Group Ministry Targets:

            • Hurting people who are experiencing the fallout of divorce.
            • Divorced and divorcing people who need to renew their life, refresh their faith, and clear out the “ghosts” of divorce so that they may find the peace and life God intends for them.
            • Those who have suffered the rejection of their church or who have suffered a loss of faith due to divorce.

    Benefits to Your Church

            • Members who need healing receive guidance and connect to a supportive nonjudgmental peer group in your church.
            • With community outreach this group invites potential members into your church for an authentic faith-based healing experience.

    About the Peace after Divorce Group Curriculum

    We do not judge those who have gone through divorce…why add to the hurt that they’re experiencing? Instead, we believe God is ready to heal wounds, bring renewal and restoration to His children, and then equip them for the amazing plans He has for them. It all takes time but the Peace after Divorce experience launches participants on a healing path.

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    Effective and Easy-to-Offer…

    To offer Peace after Divorce you need to identify a facilitator(s) who is compassionate and a good listener willing to schedule and help promote the group. You don’t need an expert in healing from divorce since all of the content is included in the ministry kit including leader training.

    The group is designed to meet for eight two-hour sessions. DVD presentations during each session review and enrich content and provide questions for group discussion allowing participants to also process content in a nurturing group environment.

    To Start a Peace after Divorce Group You Need:

            • Peace after Divorce books for each participant and each facilitator.
            • The Facilitator Handbook available for download through our website. (See below.)
            • The Peace after Divorce Ministry Kit which includes:
              • 30-Minute Leader Training DVDdivorce curriculum, churches
              • 8 Group Sessions DVDs
              • 1 30-Second Promo DVD
              • Brochures & Posters on Disk
              • Leader Resources/Documents on Disk

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