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Does Your Church Want to Help Those Who are Coping with Divorce or Dealing with Life after Divorce?

If you’re looking for a grace-filled Christian divorce recovery ministry and divorce support group curriculum for your church you’re in the right place.  The Peace after Divorce group curriculum for churches has a track record of creating positive life change and bringing people closer to God.  It’s a both a care group and healing ministry.

It’s an Exciting Time to be Joining Us!

After years of effective ministry, the Peace after Divorce Workshop curriculum for churches is now even better!

The second edition of the Peace after Divorce Workshop curriculum is now available.  We’re talking fresh new videos, more flexible session structure, and a new facilitator handbook.  A bonus session on helping children cope with divorce is now also included. What’s more, the curriculum has moved to a new framework.  Delivery is now via streaming or downloading to your church making the course videos and online materials immediately available to you upon purchase. (Participant books ship to you in 7-10 business days.)

 Effective and Easy-to-Offer…

You don’t need to be an expert in healing from divorce since all of the content is in the ministry package, including leader instructions and discussion questions.  With videos limited to 20-minutes each, this program is structured to allow for sufficient peer group discussion time. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on video and book content and talk with God about what it means to their lives.

Peace after Divorce offers a Unique, Christian Divorce Support Group and Learning Experience That:

Inspires positive decision making and deliberate choices rooted in scripture, faith, and prayer.

Empowers learners through a guided step-by-step process that deals with the realities of divorce in a practical Christian faith-based way.

Nurtures a deep life-giving relationship with Christ and instills a purposeful walk towards strength, forgiveness, healing, and peace.


Peace after Divorce is for People Who Can Answer “Yes” to these Questions:

  1. Has divorce become your reality despite your most diligent prayerful efforts to make your marriage work?
  2. Are you dealing with pain, resentment, anger, regrets, or other emotions or thoughts that steal your joy and are related to your divorce?
  3. Are you ready to become intentional about healing from divorce by taking actions that move your life forward?
  4. Are you open to practical guidance and grace-filled Christian inspiration that walks you through a journey that supports healing from divorce?
  5. Do you need to know you’re not alone and that God loves you and has a plan for you?

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