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Dealing with Separation and Divorce at Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and my family will arrive shortly.  I’ve been getting ready for our Christmas meal and visit for days (actually longer) and despite my best efforts I haven’t yet written this week’s blog post so I thought I’d share these personal thoughts with you.

I expect Christmas to be Merry this year and I feel very blessed.  Fred is a wonderful husband and I have great bonus daughters and extended family.

But, Christmas hasn’t always been so joyful.

My first marriage fell apart just before Christmas years ago. It hurt so much that I though Christmas would always carry that scar.  I was wrong.

I’m telling you this in case you are currently dealing with separation and divorce at Christmas.  I want you to know that despite what you are going through in this chapter of your life, you can move to a better place. I’m living proof that it is possible.

From a Christmas of agony, fear, and sadness, I have moved to a Christmas of joy.

So for now, pause to realize that the God who loved you enough to send his only son for your salvation, still loves you.  He has a vision for how your life will be better.  Take his hand right now and walk in the hope of a brighter future.

Merry Christmas!

Renee Ettline



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