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Start a Peace after Divorce Support Group at Your Church

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If so, you’ll love the Peace after Divorce Workshop group curriculum. This easy-to-offer, grace-filled care group ministry supports with God’s love, deals with the realities of healing from divorce, and empowers people to heal through prayerful choices and inspired actions. See how this proven effective Christian divorce recovery ministry can be started at your church. LEARN MORE NOW


Get Help for Stopping the Pain of Your Divorce

  • Are You Coping with Divorce Right Now?
  • Are You Still Hurting from a Past Divorce?

Coping with divorce and healing from divorce aren’t easy. You need caring support and inspiration to lift your spirits and encourage you. You need to know that the pain doesn’t have to last forever. But, you need even more than that. You need someone to guide you through a journey that supports healing from divorce. The Peace after Divorce Workshop walks you through practical strategies that are designed to help you get past the pain, let go of the past, and find peace after divorce. Whether you prefer an in-person group or self-study, we have help for you. LEARN MORE NOW

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Where is God? Did He Leave Me Because of Divorce?

Where is God?  Did He Leave Me Because of Divorce?

No.  God doesn’t leave us.  God is there. God is with you, right now.

But, I understand the feeling because there were times when my marriage was ending that I too found it hard to feel God’s presence.

But, God was there. 

I think we know divorce isn’t in God’s plan and that knowledge hangs in our heads and muddles our spirits. We assume God is mad at us or we feel guilty for divorce even when it isn’t what we would choose. If you’ve made mistakes, ask God for forgiveness. Know that he is full of mercy and grace. He wants […]

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