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The After Divorce Ministries, LLC blog written by our founder, Renee Smith Ettline has been named one of the Top Ten Christian Divorce Blogs on the Planet.  Visit the blog below or use the menu above to find the archives under the “Articles” tab.


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Can Divorced Christians Get Married?

Can Divorced Christians Get Married?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about whether or not Christians are allowed to get married once they have been divorced.  If you’re a believer this can be a serious concern even if divorce wasn’t your idea.  If you want to know what your church teaches you’ll have to talk with your pastor because different churches do teach different things.  Actually, that’s even more reason for me to write this post.

If Christian churches can vary in what they teach on this topic, maybe our best answer lies in our conversations with God.  Whether you should remarry and whether remarrying […]

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